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3 Tips for Getting Back to School (or Back to Home) Ready

After speaking to local Interior Decorator, Leah Walder of Leah Walder Interiors, we’ve gathered together some tips and tricks to make sure your home is prepared for the upcoming school year! Whether your children will be attending school or learning virtually, there are plenty of ways to make their spaces as organized and functional as possible.

1. Location. One of the most important things to keep in mind when preparing a home space for your child to work is its location. Any workspace for a child, whether it’s intended to be a reading corner, study desk, or creative space, should be as out of the way and distraction free as possible. Utilize an empty guest room or finished attic, especially if your child is attending school virtually and will need a distraction-free environment for longer periods of time. Leah suggests mixing things up and letting your child do some outside learning on a porch or patio table.

2. Storage and Supplies. Don’t forget to consider storage and supplies for the new workspace. Leah recommends trying some suspendable or stackable storage options for school supplies inside the nearest closet. If your child tends to move around while studying, set up something portable like a caddy or tote bag to hold the supplies.

3. Organization. Organization is key! It’s a good idea to do a strong de-cluttering before the school year begins to make it easier to maintain organization later on and keep your child’s workspace from getting too overcrowded. Try setting up a mudroom for shoes, jackets, and backpacks to be stored after school. You can also hang a whiteboard or bulletin board near the workstation to help keep track of schedules and clear space on a few shelves to display your child’s artwork.

You understand your family’s schedule and your children’s needs better than anyone, so when you’re tackling back to school preparations, Leah says don’t be afraid to think outside the box, try something new, or stick with what you know works best!

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