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A Bridge & Park To Connect Manchester and Downtown?

In the past 5 years, bridges and bike paths have become our “it” project for connecting transportation and communities — The Potterfield Bridge on Brown’s Island. The Virginia Capital Bike Trail. Now the BridgePark Foundation is plotting a linear park and greenway to connect Manchester and surrounding neighborhoods to downtown. This project would potentially link Manchester, the riverfront and Richmond’s downtown financial district through a park space and pedestrian trail unlike anything Richmond has ever attempted. Many believe this is achievable by re-purposing existing infrastructure to provide pedestrian walk-ways, bicyle lanes and greenspace for leisure. Here’s a great feature in Style Weekly to help you understand the big picture and what to expect.

Manchester Richmond VA

BridgePark Foundation wants support to re-purpose existing space at the Manchester Bridge into a greenspace and bike lanes.


BridgePark will act as the centerpiece of the riverfront experience, connecting all the attractions our unique city has to offer.