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Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s the time of year when home maintenance and spring cleaning chores are on everyone’s minds. If you’re a first time homeowner, or even someone who’s built up their home for years, the maintenance tasks can sometimes seem like an overwhelming responsibility. A great way to get your to-do list in order is to break things down throughout the year and make sure you’re working on the upkeep that fits each season.

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We wanted to make a handy guide for some of the things that should be a part of your regular home maintenance. It’s important to note that this list isn’t exhaustive, because each home can have it’s own needs and ultimately, you know your home best. But we hope this is a good starting point to get you going! Feel free to read through or head to the bottom of the page to go ahead and download our free printable checklist.

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Monthly Checklist

While some home chores are best on seasonal rotation, especially those that are crucially weather dependent, many are things that should be done at least once a month. You’ll find that in our downloadable checklist, we give you the option to check off each month you complete the task, so you can keep consistent records, which can be helpful when speaking to service technicians. Check out our recommendations for your monthly to-dos.

Woman cleaning the hood over her stove
  • Inspect Air Vents for Blockage
  • Clean Heat Registers
  • Clean or Replace HVAC Filters
  • Clean or Replace Furnace Filters
  • Check Water Softener
  • Flush Water from Water Heater
  • Inspect Drains for Clogs or Leaks
  • Clean Mineral Deposits from Showerheads
  • Clean Garbage Disposal
  • Clean Kitchen Vent Hood & Filter
  • Check Fire Extinguishers
  • Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Inspect Electrical Cords & Equipment for Wear
  • Check Home Exterior for Foundation Issues
  • Check Trees for Potential Damage

Spring Checklist

There’s lots to get done during the spring! In addition to welcoming in the good weather, many of the maintenance jobs are to check over any potential damage left behind from the cold.

A man working on the door handle with a screw driver
  • Clean Screens on Windows and Doors
  • Vacuum Lint from Dryer Vent
  • Change Air-Conditioner Filter
  • Polish Wood Furniture
  • Inspect & Clean Interior Light Fixtures
  • Inspect Caulking in Bathrooms
  • Check Weather Stripping on Doors & Windows
  • Check Outdoor Faucets & Sprinklers
  • Power-Wash Windows & Siding
  • Inspect Roof & Chimney
  • Professional Inspection of Septic System
  • Clean & Check Gutters
  • Check & Replace Batteries in Detectors
  • Have Air-Conditioning System Serviced
  • Drain or Flush Water Heater
  • Fertilize Lawn

Summer Checklist

During the summer, it’s important to make sure you’re inspecting different appliances and structural elements of your home. Being prepared to tackle any repairs before they break will be especially helpful before the weather really heats up.

Woman inspecting a pipe under a sink
  • Check Dishwasher for Leaks
  • Inspect & Clean Refrigerator Coils & Drip Trays
  • Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Filter
  • Check Kitchen Cabinets & Plumbing for Leaks
  • Check Bathroom Cabinets & Plumbing for Leaks
  • Seal Tile Grout
  • Reverse Ceiling Fan
  • Clean Garage
  • Oil and Inspect Door Hinges
  • Inspect Garage Door
  • Inspect Interior Faucets & Showerheads
  • Inspect Exterior Faucets
  • Prune Trees & Bushes
  • Remove and Prevent Weeds
  • Inspect Dryer Hoses
  • Inspect Sprinklers

Fall Checklist

The fall can almost feel like a second spring (especially in Richmond) and it’s a perfect time to do the home maintenance required to prepare your home for winter. The inspections and repairs you do in this season will help prevent potentially dangerous home issues during the winter.

Man painting some exterior trim of a home
  • Clean Fireplace & Check for Damage
  • Have a Professional Inspect Fireplace
  • Inspect Roofing for Damage
  • Power-Wash Windows & Siding
  • Touch Up Exterior Paint
  • Clean Out Gutters
  • Winterize Plumbing
  • Check for Cracks in Windows & Doors
  • Repair Exterior Siding
  • Repair Any Issues in Driveway or Walkways
  • Have Professional Inspect Forced-Air Heating
  • Drain & Store Exterior Hoses & Sprinklers
  • Insulate Outdoor Faucets
  • Check Water Heater for Leaks
  • Vacuum Lint from Dryer Vent
  • Check Major Home Appliances for Repairs

Winter Checklist

The winter elements can be a difficult and much of the recommended home maintenance is to stay on top of inspecting regular “pain points.” It’s also important to make sure you have any necessary cold weather tools in working order.

Man inspecting a dishwasher
  • Check Ice Scraper for Cars
  • Prepare Shovel & Snow Blower
  • Get De-Icers for Driveway & Walkways
  • Prepare Supplies for Power-Outtage
  • Cover Air-Conditioning Unit
  • Clean Kitchen Drains
  • Clean Bathroom Drains
  • Inspect Gutters after Storms & Freeze
  • Check Basement & Craw Space for Leaks
  • Reverse Ceiling Fan
  • Seal Tile Grout
  • Check Bathroom Cabinets & Plumbing for Leaks
  • Check Kitchen Cabinets & Plumbing for Leaks
  • Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan Grill
  • Inspect & Clean Refrigerator Coils & Drip Trays
  • Check Dishwasher for Leaks

Considering Your Own Checklist

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As mentioned before, your home is your own and you know it best. Add or remove options that you feel may not fit best with your own needs. While considering what to add or take away, remember that the Spring and Fall are the best seasons to do maintenance that helps you prepare for the harsher weather in Summer and Winter. If you’re looking for a place to keep up with your maintenance checklist, you may want to consider a Homeowner’s Binder, which is a great way to organize all your home’s essential information.

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