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title image "everything old is new again- where to find vintage furniture in RVA" featuring a midcentury modern clocl

Where to Find Vintage Furniture in RVA

While you've been Spring Cleaning, the phrase "out with the old and in with the new" may have been on your mind. But "old" is not a pejorative and it shouldn't always be dismissed out of hand, especially when it comes to your home. When old ha...

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On the News: Mortgage Rates & Our Realtors

Last Saturday, Matt Payes welcomed an unexpected guest to the open house he was hosting at 1502 Claremont. Catie Beck, with NBC Nightly News, is a Richmond area resident and stopped by to use Shane Lott's latest listing as a backdrop for a...

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Home Maintenance Checklist Title Image

Home Maintenance Checklist

It's the time of year when home maintenance and spring cleaning chores are on everyone's minds. If you're a first time homeowner, or even someone who's built up their home for years, the maintenance tasks can sometimes seem like an overwhelmin...

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homeowner's binder with free printables

Homeowner’s Binder and Free Printables

Recently on our social media, (if you’re not following us on Instagram and Facebook, you really should!) we posted about how helpful a homeowner binder can be. We got some questions about it and so we wanted to expand in a blog post. Read ab...

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Home Resolutions for 2022

Working to create personal goals, as well as home resolutions, can be a great way to get a jump on tackling the new year. Check out some of these suggestions for what resolutions you can make for your home in 2022. Streamline M...

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Our Realtors’ Best of Richmond 2021

Richmond is an incredible city with a diverse array of art, food, activities, entertainment, sports and more that can touch on so many different types of tastes. We know that the people who make Richmond one of the best cities in the count...

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Image of a kitchen from above a "search engine bar" reads: "Kitchen Trends that will LAST"

Kitchen Trends that May Be Here to Stay

Courtesy of Real Estate Agent Kathryn Oti – If you’re interested in reading more of her work, check out Kathryn’s blog. ‘Trend’ can be a scary word when it comes to kitchen design. It’s not like you can throw away your fl...

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Palladian Windows Everywhere!

Courtesy of Kathryn Oti - If you're interested in reading more of her work, check out Kathryn's blog. Palladian windows are a beloved architectural element used on both residential and public buildings, and have been used by architects for cen...

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