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Home Resolutions for 2022

Working to create personal goals, as well as home resolutions, can be a great way to get a jump on tackling the new year. Check out some of these suggestions for what resolutions you can make for your home in 2022.


Minimal aesthetics are having a moment, but it’s a timeless impulse to declutter and pare down as a way to gain a fresh start. Setting up your space to be more efficient can help you and your family have a better flow. Consider making a snack station drawer or shelf in your fridge for your kids to easily grab and prepare lunches quicker. Reorganize your work space based on your current needs by reassessing how you and your family have used it throughout the year. Kids tearing into craft supplies too quickly? Rebundle them on a higher shelf. Printing out more documents at home? Set up a paper tray and ink storage option close at hand so you’re not rifling through drawers to find supplies. Organizing isn’t just about what looks the most aesthetically pleasing, it’s about what fits your needs. Your space should fit your needs- otherwise clutter will continue to build up as you work around your space, rather than with it. For more information on getting things cleaned up and decluttered, check out our post on decluttering your space to get ready for a move.

Set up Systems

Streamlining can go beyond just organizing your house, it can also help you set up a good schedule of the systems that help your home run smoothly. Set chore and cleaning schedule based on your needs. Biweekly rotations may work better for your schedule break down, versus weekly. And make sure to get everyone involved in the home work! 

Plan Your Home Spending

Whether you hope to do major renovations or major renovations need to happen, setting up a financial plan for your home needs can help you prepare for what may happen in the year to come. Take an inventory of the appliances and parts of your home that require regular maintenance or how old some of them are (Yearly chimney inspections, for example, or the age of your Roof or Refridgerator, are some considerations). Price out potential repair or replacement costs and start saving in advance- setting aside a little throughout the year will help make some of the bigger costs more manageable. By putting together a saving and spending timeline for your home’s needs, you can make the best choices for repairs that need to happen (replacing your broken dishwasher with a new energy efficient one) and what you want to happen (like changing up that kitchen backsplash to give your space a more modern look). 

Get Cozy

Getting more zen, serenity, peace are all typical personal resolutions and making your home a more comfortable place is a great way to make that happen. Start by making sure your bedroom is a place of rest, not stress by trying to separate your workspace as much as possible. If you’ve been working from home under your comforter most days, invest in a desk, studies show that it’s harder to get a good night’s rest if you associate your bed with work, rather than sleep. Improve your sleep by replacing your pillows, as well, and make sure to invest in a pillow cover that prevents dust mites to help any potential allergies or eye irritants. Making your living room a comfy spot is also a great way to bring down the stress levels of the home. Accent pillows should be comfortable, not just pretty, so you and your family can relax and spend time together in a comforting environment. Beyond the soft and fuzzy, reconsider your lighting in your home to help it feel more cozy and welcoming. Harsh lighting in spaces that are supposed to be tranquil can be major vibe disruptors. Look into dimmable lights or to soften the lighting in your rooms. Smart light bulbs with hundreds of color options can be a good choice and give you a range of variety for setting the mood of your room.

One of the most important things to remember when considering resolutions is to find the ones that fit your life and that’s true for your home. No one wants to get to February with a list full of abandoned goals and the best way to stick with them is to start with the ones you know will work for you. Whatever home resolutions you have, know that any work you do for your home is an investment into you, your family and your property, which is always a great goal.