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Getting to Know Mollie Benedict

Which part of the buying/selling process excites you the most, why?

On the buyer’s side, I love when a first time homebuyer gets their first home under contract. It’s such an exciting and heartfelt day. I also love helping sellers navigate multiple offer situations.

What characteristic(s) makes you a great agent?

I have been told that I take a lot of care to listen to someone until I’m able to understand what they want. Sometimes people have a hard time articulating their thoughts and I want to make sure we’re on the same page.

What is something your clients can expect when they work with you?

To feel comfortable saying what they want to say and asking the questions they need to ask. I really emphasize honesty both ways. I want my clients to know that I’m going to be completely honest with them, and also expect them to be completely honest with me.

What did you do before you became a Realtor?

I was a commercial real estate agent for 6 years and before that, I worked for a redevelopment company in Jackson Ward. My first job out of college was working for the beer distributor in Charlottesville.

How has the pandemic changed the way you work with clients?

I’m a hugger, so I don’t like that I’m not able to hug and properly congratulate first time homebuyers.

What is your favorite thing to do in Richmond?

Upper Shirley Vineyards is one of my favorite places to go. I also love going to gaming places in Scott’s Addition like Tang & Biscuit.

What are you typically doing when you aren’t working?

Thinking about working! I also love hanging out with my kids and our chickens.

How long have you been a Realtor?

I have been a residential agent for 11 years.

What made you want to become a real estate agent?

I was a commercial agent first and switched to residential when I started a family. I quickly developed a loyal group of clients in the residential world and I’ve never looked back.

What is your favorite thing about being a real estate agent?

I love that I get to meet and help so many new people, and every day is different!

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to buy/sell a home?

Pick a good realtor that you’re comfortable with.

What is the first thing that catches your attention when you walk into a home?

The smell is the first thing that hits me. You want a house to smell clean. Anything else can be distracting.

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