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On the News: Mortgage Rates & Our Realtors

Last Saturday, Matt Payes welcomed an unexpected guest to the open house he was hosting at 1502 Claremont. Catie Beck, with NBC Nightly News, is a Richmond area resident and stopped by to use Shane Lott‘s latest listing as a backdrop for an NBC Nightly News segment about rising interest rates. 
Just in case you haven’t noticed, Richmond’s real estate housing market is red hot, but interest rates are rising fast.  Last week, the average interest rate for a 30-year mortgage hit 5% for the first time in almost a decade and many economists are predicting a cooling off as affordability becomes the primary concern for prospective buyers. Check out the NBC Nightly News story here and be sure to spot Shane’s contact information and the big blue Rashkind Saunders & Co. sign.
Interest rates are just one part of our local real estate story, so be sure to connect with Shane, Matt or your favorite Rashkind Saunders Realtor to get the whole story and understand the complete picture. Despite the dramatic increase in values, this remains a great opportunity for buyers and there has never been a better time for sellers. Check in with Rashkind Saunders & Co. and we’ll help you understand how to make your best move!