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Our Realtors’ Best of Richmond 2021

Richmond is an incredible city with a diverse array of art, food, activities, entertainment, sports and more that can touch on so many different types of tastes. We know that the people who make Richmond one of the best cities in the country are amazing for the eclectic differences and we’re proud to celebrate that. Like the rest of the community our Realtors have many different interests and favorites. We’ve asked them to share some of their favorite Bests in Richmond to share with you here.

Kathryn Oti – Richmond’s Best Tacos

Tacos are all over Richmond, it can be a little hard to know where to start. Check out these options for some of my favorites.

  1. TBT El Gallo, 2118 W Cary Street, the ‘Slam Dunk Contest’ taco is hands down the best taco I’ve ever had in my life!
  2. Tazza Kitchen, 1500 Roseneath Road. The braised pork taco is simple but filled with flavor
  3. Boka Grill, Food truck. Get Mexican style with spicy Chipotle Crema
  4. Wong Gonzalez, 412 E Grace Street. The Asian Pork taco is heaven
  5. Original Mexico Restaurant, 6406 Horsepen Road. The best ground beef, crunchy gringo Taco!
    Honorable Mention: Casa Grande, 7818 W Broad Street. Carnitas tacos are a bit heavy on the salt, but delicious and they have the best guacamole and chips around

Kim Stembridge – Best of Midlothian

This is such a great area of Richmond and it’s full of gems that you have to check out.

Shane Lott – Best Kids’ Playground

If you’re looking for a fun place to take your kids, there are tons to be found- these are some of the best.

  1. SOAR 365, 3600 Saunders Avenue
  2. Mary Munford Elementary School, 211 Westmoreland Street
  3. Deep Run Park, 9900 Ridgefield Parkway
  4. Washington Football Team Training Camp, 2401 W. Leigh Street
  5. Cheswick Park, 1700 Forest Avenue

Joy Hanes – Best Rural Motorcycle Rides in the Area

Just a little ways out of the city, there are beautiful roads that make for gorgeous scenic routes, make sure to visit these counties when you take a ride.

  1. Fluvanna County
  2. Louisa County
  3. Hanover County
  4. Amelia County
  5. Cumberland County 

Joy Hanes Getting Ready for a Ride

Jason A. Hester – Best Parks in the Metro Area

If you’re looking for a nice stroll or a playground to let the kids enjoy- these parks are some of the best you can find.

  1. Park365, 3600 Saunders Avenue
  2. Rockwood Park, 3401 Courthouse Road
  3. Forest Hill Park, 4021 Forest Hill Avenue
  4. Huguenot Park, 10901 Robious Road
  5. Deep Run Park, 9900 Ridgefield Parkway


Paul Watson – Best Ways to Treat Yourself

Looking for a way to make sure you’re taking care of yourself? These are some fun options for self-care.

  • Best Pub: Poe’s Pub, 2706 East Main Street, You have to try their Jameson and Pierogis!
  • Best Brunch: Havana 59, 16 North 17th Street, Incredible Cuban Coffee and Cuban Sandwiches.
  • Best Comfort Food: Deep Run Roadhouse, 12379 Gayton Road, These folks really bring out the comfort in Southern Comfort/BBQ food.
  • Best Ice Cream: Gelati Celesti Ice Cream, multiple locations in Richmond, Ice Cream that’s always good, with a changing menu of seasonal options (like the Orange Chocolate Decadence, my favorite right now) and a local favorite. 
  • Best Entertainment: Live, Local Music, especially musicians like Roger Carroll, Seeing him play is therapy on another level. Roger has been a city legend and personal favorite local musician of mine for decades so whether you see him at brunch at the Savory Grain or Richmond Art Garage or wherever you can rest assured that good times and vibes are your destiny and his music is the soundtrack 

Robby Stockwell – Best Rounds of Golf

If golf is your interest, you should absolutely visit some of these courses in the Richmond Metro area- they’re the best links around.

  1. Willow Oaks Country Club, 6228 Forest Hill Avenue, Richmond, VA
  2. Hermitage Country Club, 1248 Hermitage Road, Manakin-Sabot, VA
  3. Lakeside Park Club, 1700 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA
  4. The Federal Club, 13450 Palmers Way, Glen Allen, VA 
  5. Country Club of Virginia (any of the three courses), Locations in the James River area, Tuckahoe Creek area, and Westhampton area.

Mollie B. Benedict – Best Old Fashioned

Richmond has so much to offer any gourmand and the cocktail scene is especially great. Looking for a place that nails a classic? Check out these bars that serve the best Old Fashioned around.

  1. Gersi, 805 North Davis Street
  2. The Lobby Bar at Quirk Hotel, 201 West Broad Street
  3. Bar Solita, 123 West Broad Street
  4. Can Can Brasserie, 3120 West Cary Street
  5. Lemaire, 101 West Franklin Street

Tim Dunkum – Best Jam Band Venues

Music is the pulse of some many great Richmond events. If you’re looking for some great places to hear some great jam bands, these are the venues you need to check out.

Indoor Venues

  1. The Broadberry, 2729 West Broad Street
  2. The Camel, 1621 West Broad Street
  3. Crazy Rooster Brewing, 1560 Oakbridge Drive (in Midlothian)
  4. Kindred Spirit Brewing, 12830 West Creek Parkway Suite J
  5. River City Roll, 939 Myers Street

Outdoor Venues

  1. Independence Golf Summer Music Series, 600 Founders Bridge Boulevard
  2. Brown’s Island, Bottom of 12th Street on the James River
  3. Main Line Brewery, 1603 Ownby Lane
  4. Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, 4100 Knolls Point Drive (in Goochland)
  5. Bon Air and Woodmont Recreation Centers, 2334 Traymore Road